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Qingjian staff rushed to Liberia's participation in the reconstruction of hospital


   Washington when all companies have evacuated the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, Qingjian international staff has difficulties, flew to Liberia for African people to build a hospital.


   In November 5th, Qingjian 9 employees depart from QingDao Railway Station, Liberia to participate in the Chinese hospitals, against Ebora virus. Qingdao city business outside the office director Wang Jingquan, Guoqing holding group vice president Wang Zhenhua, Xin Zhaohe waited for the train station staff off.


   In September 18th, President Xi Jinping announced in India, New Delhi, Chinese government will provide emergency cash, food and material assistance to African countries to fight Ebola virus.


   Early in 11, the Chinese Foreign Ministry Secretary Lin Songtian in an interview with the Russian news agency said, China will build a treatment center in Liberia within a month, the center has 100 beds, for patients with treatment.


   At present, Liberia is a China emergency aid for 160 Chinese medical and 100 bed hospital, building area of 12 thousand square meters. Because the construction of tight and heavy task, given the green building in the field of general contracting of building local advantage, China Embassy in Liberia for green construction team to participate in the construction of hospital building construction; in addition to the above 9 employees, 4 employees and Qingjian field over the same period in Beijing set body rushed to Liberia; 9 employees in Liberia will also participate in the reconstruction of left behind. Most of these employees have worked in Libya, Tanzania and other countries, has a wealth of experience in overseas construction.


   Currently Liberia local Ebola virus outbreak, green construction staff will face more complex situation. But the mission of the motherland is important to all, the Qing Jian Group has the responsibility and the confidence to complete the task.


   In order to guarantee good service, specifically for the international green building to Libya staff organized pre job training, and preparation of commonly used drugs, let the staff in Lee in a safe and sanitary production and living environment.


Qingdao daily, Qingdao TV, Qingdao people's broadcasting station reported on the green building staff went to the reconstruction of Liberia.