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Xi Jinping, Wu Zuodong Chinese Singapore Cultural Center inaugurated

China's largest cultural center in the overseas


        On the morning of November 7, in Singapore for a state visit of President Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of Singapore and China Cultural Center, and Singapore emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong together for the opening of the Chinese cultural center. The Chinese cultural center in Singapore from green construction group construction, is currently China's cultural center in overseas scale the largest and most complete facilities, Chinese cultural center put into operation, will assume the "tells the story of China, with a mission of spreading Chinese sound".


        Singapore and China Cultural Center in Singapore downtown lots of Quinn, 217 street, covers an area of about 1352 square meters, construction area of about 8900 square meters, project contract amount of $43.6 million, 2012 December 10, officially started, in April 2015 15 formally handed over to the owners of the Chinese Ministry of culture. Project adjacent to the Nanyang Academy of fine arts, National Library, the National Museum, National Museum, and so on numerous cultural institutions, the whole building a total of 10 layers, from the podium, towers, landscape elevator, Lianlang and main roof. The external walls of the gray granite, with the shape of the bamboo shoots of rice white diamond texture, harmony and the surrounding buildings.


        Chinese cultural center with theatre, exhibition hall, library, classrooms and other facilities, will provide all kinds of cultural activities, training and information service for the public in Singapore and become Singapore People's understanding, experience and an important window for Chinese culture research.


        Ma Hongying, director of the Chinese cultural center in Singapore, said the official opening of the Chinese cultural center, the dream pen new environment -- in commemoration of the two new since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and the 25th anniversary of the art exhibition "will at the Chinese cultural center exhibited exhibited 25 Chinese artists and 25 Singapore artist 50 generation works, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the and of the establishment of diplomatic ties in the 25th anniversary of the founding of Singapore. In addition, the Chinese cultural center will work with the relevant art institutions, to carry out teaching and training.


        Xiao Jianghua cultural counsellor of the Embassy of China in Singapore, Chinese cultural center will for Chinese culture spread in Singapore provides a very good platform and window, cultural center will carry out rich and colorful cultural activities, and cooperation with Singapore's local cultural groups, jointly contribute to the Chinese culture in Singapore the spread and inheritance.


        The front page of the "Qingdao daily", "Qingdao Morning Post" "Qingdao Evening News" Peninsula Metropolis Daily "letter" network "and other key coverage of the event, and details of the green construction group" going out "process," The Belt and Road along the country's development and achievements in singapore.